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Hello fellow Shinhwa Changjos!

i did a sale post for the Minwoo Xmas live Mask 2 weeks back and til now nobody is interested in it yet, so i decided to hold a giveaway for it!

Details of the giveaway as below:

What you will get: a Brand new Minwoo 2013 Xmas Live Mask (official!)

Who can participate? : For overseas Shinhwa Changjos only who is following my mstylero blog! Worldwide! Sorry to Singapore shcjs!

What you need to do :
1) like and reblog this post! (this is easy!)
2) send me a postcard by normal mail from your country! i really like postcards and receiving them~
3) send me a email with title [mstylero giveaway 2014] or an ask with your tumblr url and i will reply with my name and address ^^
4) At the end of the giveaway period, i will pick the winner from all the postcards that i received.

When is the giveaway period? : 12-Aug-2014 to 30-Sep-2014 i will need to receive your postcard within this period!

Thank you and I look forward to receiving the postcards!



[News] ‘M Lee Minwoo’ solo concert, towards the heated venue



M Lee Minwoo’s solo concert was held successfully.

M Lee Minwoo released his solo debut 10th anniversary special album “M+TEN” last February and after successfully concluding promotions, held his solo concert “2014 M+TEN Tour in Seoul ‘M Step’” over 2 days, on the 24th and 25th, at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, and presented passionate performances. The fans who went for the concert on the 25th joined in with the heated atmosphere and went crazy.

M Lee Minwoo’s solo concert lasted 3 hours and performed all the songs with luxurious performances while singing live, showing his passion and power. This is an unprecedented record by a dance singer. M Lee Minwoo’s fans filled up about 2500 seats and screamed along while shaking orange lightsticks.

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3 / X - Shin colorizations

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I need some healing… Bye Korea~
- 2014-04-04 Minwoo Facebook update
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140221 Minwoo going to Music Bank | cr: as tagged (do not edit)

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140221 Minwoo backstage at Music Bank | Cr: dispatch

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140221 Minwoo backstage at Music Bank | Cr: dispatch

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This is a long long post since Tumblr doesn’t have a cut feature, but it’s well worth it. I saw on Baidu someone posted something regarding our wonderful leader Eric so I decided to translate some of these. 

Credits to Shinhwa Baidu Bar & yoogamin @ tumblr for translations

The things that Eric did and we only found out years later…. You’re the man!



Here is Minjoon, no, Minwoo.

Firstly! Don’t ask and don’t argue, check out the video first.

'M' Lee Minwoo imitated Do Minjoon. It is said he is very engrossed in 'You Who Came From The Stars'. Even boasting that he can imitate Do Minjoon's voice. Is he an addition to…

do minwoo♥cheon songyi

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Finally got time to pay a visit to the dog shelter. Today was such a pleasant and lovely day. Thank you to the 2 aunties for sharing all the stories and making it such a memorable day.

I am not going to lie, I was so excited and nervous the moment I saw Ari!! She is so beautiful! As you all know Ari needed more time to open up her heart to people because she has been hurt in the past. Ari was almost sold to a dog dealer hence its very cautions towards humans. But Aunty Denni told me that Ari has finally opened up her heart after the Shinhwa Broadcast filming. Eric praised for doing such a great job! Eric oppa!! I am very proud of you!!

Ari ya~ Ari ya~ Ari ya~ Ari ya~ 

By the way, I played the Shinhwa Broadcast video (the part where Eric was trying to warm Ari up to him and showered him with loves and cares. Ari ya~ Ari ya~) to Ari, and Ari got so excited! I guess Ari really misses Eric! 

Aunty Denni said Ari ran away from the dog shelter last night (Waeyo? searching for Eric oppa?) LOL :D

P/S: I will share more detailed stories tomorrow. I am feeling so tired and exhausted now. Annyeong~

- LuvEiEi | 22-02-14 | Incheon

Our dearest fans, there must be many people listening right now. You guys are sad that I’m only promoting for 3 weeks. Please don’t be sad. And also, to give me a win, so many of you came to the recordings, and really worked hard on streaming. I know all of that. However, for me, a win isn’t important. As long as I’m number 1 to you guys, that’s enough. Yup. Everyone, I’m very satisfied that you think of Shinhwa as number 1, that you think of me M Lee Minwoo as number 1. I don’t think how much time will we be together in future, I think we’ll go on together for life. Everyone, I hope you’ll continue to be together with us forever. M exists because Shinhwa exists, and thanks to the fans who’ve been with Shinhwa, and M, for such a long time, Shinhwa and M exists. I sincerely bow my head in thanks. And I sincerely love each and every one of you.

Minwoo’s message to fans on 2014-02-20 MBC Radio Younha’s Starry Starry Night

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I Heart You / Eric - Shinhwa on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/52196046/via/windgazer07

Happy Birthday Eric!!! ^______^



M+ten commemorates Minwoo’s 10th anniversary as solo artist M. Let’s do everything that we can to support him and get him that #1 on music shows! 

Ways to support him:

★ Watch Taxi on Youtube
- Watch Taxi through Livework’s channel and CJ E&M’s channel. Do not mute the volume while watching it or it will not count. Also make sure that you watch the MV all the way through. And like, comment on, and share the video! 

★ Vote for Minwoo on MCountdown
- Please vote for Minwoo on all the MCD charts (the Mnet global, Mnet Korea, and Mnet Japan pages): 1, 23. Voting is from Friday 11 AM to Monday 9AM KST. You can vote once per day for each account, and up to 10 times for each IP address.  

Vote for Minwoo on Inkigayo

- Here is a tutorial on how to vote for Minwoo through the TVtalk app for Inkigayo. 

★ Purchasing the M+Ten Anniversary Album
Gmarket (Synnary’s EShop)DvdheavenYesasia (any legitimate Kpop distributing site will do, just make sure your purchase will count towards the Korean music charts)

★ Digital Chart Scores
There is a KSHCJ group called Team-Mten who are asking us for their help in purchasing digital downloads and streaming songs once Minwoo’s album is released on the digital music portal sites. Here are some things we can do to help them: 

1. Making I.D.s: Help Team-Mten make I.D.s for Bugs. Here’s a tutorial on how to make accounts on the Bugs music portal sitePlease set all of your passwords to “alsdn728”for your accounts and post them on the respective boards on the TeamM+Ten page

2. Sending Funds: Send funds to Team-Mten to help them purchase music through digital music portals. Just send them funds through paypal at: team0728mten@gmail.com (also send them a confirmation email after sending the purchase to confirm that the funds went through).

3. Streaming music: Apply to help them stream music on Melon, Bugs, and Mnet. Email them at team0728mten@gmail.com telling them that you would like to help stream music by February 6th (for those who are on their computers often and don’t mind leaving it on. You will also have to download Korean music players for some of these websites. 

★  Social Networking
Social networking plays a part in Inkigayo’s music charts. So be active on social media in helping promote Minwoo and Taxi. Like and share youtube videos relating to M+Ten posted through the official Liveworks channelLike and share M+Ten related posts on Liveworks official facebook page. Trend #이민우#TAXI and other M+Ten related hashtags on twitter. Here are other ways to help improve SNS scores: 12

★ More things to do to help
Search 이민우 on naver, daum, nate and other Korean sites. There are other things that you can do as well that you can read here to support Minwoo’s promotional activities :)